Killing Eve

The first season was messy and a bit spottily plotted but glorious: the acting was top notch, the subversions were all there, and it was just joyous. The plot alone would have been great, and the acting alone would have been great, and the aesthetic & costuming just brings everything over the top!

The second season, though... much less so. No characterizations make sense; Sandra Oh’s character becomes uninteresting and unconvincing, and the plot feels... like fanfiction. (Someone called “The Ghost”? Really?) It left a bad enough taste in our mouths that we’re not interested in a third season, which is a shame. (I am going to start calling this the Mandalorian Effect.)



Hugo: I wanted this job for exactly the same reason as you did. Eve: And what reason is that? Hugo: I didn't want to die of boredom.
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