Akudama Drive

I think this was a classic case of high highs and low lows. The animation & aesthetic is incredibly fun, even if it's only "cyberpunk" at a visual level (big metropolis! lots of neon! paramilitary cops!) and the sheer amount of propulsion on a scene to scene basis means you're never bored. The ending episode or two are also delightful, and the show does a really great job of having interesting and satisfying arcs for every character (especially the protagonist, whose evolution over the short thirteen episodes is predictable but fun). Where the show really lost me was the middle section: every episode had two too many plot twists, and it's clear that the screenwriting lost some of the forward drive after the original heist that brought the cast together was completed. Can't help but wish this was a movie instead (I think a tight 110 minutes would have been wonderful), but still worth watching.

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