Tower Heist

This was a very bad movie, and what makes me particularly stung by it is that it had appearances of at least being a competent bad movie, the kind of heist movie that would have zero lasting appeal or permanence but would not actively insult you for having watched it. The first thirty minutes or so certainly felt that way: competent direction and acting from a clear cast of "people who have better things to do but few qualms about collecting a paycheck".

Things went monotonically downhill from there: a slow ratcheting-up of the racism, a fast ratcheting-down of coherence, and a third act that defies all logic or explanation (without even the courtesy, [[Oceans Eleven]]-style, of lampshading the absurdity). You emerge with the distinct sensation that the scriptwriters felt pretty good about the first two thirds of the movie and then realized they had no way to wrap things up so they set themselves a Pomodoro timer for twenty-five minutes.

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