Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

If there’s ever a movie that seems unfair to judge on its own terms its this one. Part 1 was tough to judge on its own terms because it existed purely as table-setting for this, but in many ways this entire movie is only legible to those who are well versed in the universe: and not just the universe of the movies, but the universe of the books. (This is one of those statements that seems impossible to contradict; I am sure there are people who have only seen the movies and they enjoyed this one, but I don’t know of any.)

So if the movie’s goal was to transmute a thrilling and satisfying ending to the books onto the screen, I think it did a really good job. The climactic battle was thrilling and wondrous; some of the manic set pieces, like the Gringotts’ heist, felt the appropriate mix of fun and dangerous. And, true to the book’s form, the epilogue sucked. It’s well acted, well directed, and well scored.

I don’t know what to say, then! It’s a movie you’ll enjoy if you’ll enjoy it. I had a good time.

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