Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

It's interesting the extent to which this movie feels divorced from the ones preceding it "Hogwarts is the best and most important character" might be a stale take but it's a true one, and while the cinematography of this film (the camp-outs are truly gorgeous!) tries to make up for the lack of turrets and parapets it feels impossible. Everyone is grimy and nobody is wearing robes: besides a few warm and entertaining scenes the film is straight up morose and Serious (which doesn't bother me quite as much as the Order of the Phoenix's lack of levity, because here at least it makes sense.)

It's worth saying that this fails utterly as a stand-alone movie. There is no true climax or denouement; it ends on a bummer and the entire thing feels like the prologue that it truly is. But it still isn't bad!

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