Novelist as a Vocation

Funniest part of this book by far was Murakami talking about how he would never, ever write a book because an editor asked him to — such corporate interests are beneath him! — and three of his four most recently published books, this one included, are nothing more than lightly repackaged versions of magazine features he did.

I think parts of his discussion of process are interesting; I think there is little here to gleam from him as an author or as a person, especially his commitment (which I think is earnest!) to the "I am just a regular guy who likes to write" shtick. Perhaps the biggest takeaway for me was his continued insistence on the importance of physical discipline and fitness to buttress creative work, which is good to hear and better to internalize.

Beyond that: there is very little of merit in this book, and I think you're better served by reading What I Talk About When I Talk About Running ↗.

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