No One Writes To The Colonel

Gabriel Garcia Marquez • 1961

I really thought this collection had two halves:

  1. the self-titled novella, with which the collection opens, which is something like One Hundred Years of Solitude ↗ with the doomed magic stripped away. This is a tour de force, everything from the slow and steady dawning of the world and the Colonel's place in it to the whip-crack ending.
  2. the short stories, which were a bit more hit-or-miss and felt like they hit many of the same tonal notes but with less grace and weight as the novella (let alone One Hundred Years of Solitude.)

It's a small collection, and you're not going to regret reading the whole thing, but I'd stop after the novella. It's a masterwork (even if it's not exactly what people associate with GGM).



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