Saw this on Tuxedo No. 2 and was so intrigued I absolutely had to give it a whirl for myself. (Giving it a whirl meaning, in this case, running out to Whole Foods and picking up both apple butter and marshmellow creme, neither of which are exactly valuable assets in the house while Haley and I are on a summer cut. But nonetheless!)

This drink is something like a magic trick: with the use of a frother everything blends together such that all you get out of the two oddball ingredients is roughly the same amount of sugar as you’d expect from a traditional margarita (think a dive bar kind, though, so no orange) and a hint of the spice from the apple butter. If anything, the lime juice overpowered the pair; when we make another round (and we will, less out of love for the drink and more because what else are we going to do with apple butter and marshmellow creme) we’ll cut to maybe 3/4 oz of lime juice and let the weirder guests do all the talking.

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