Notes on the XBOX Series S

My friend Shep sent me a new XBOX (Xbox? What's the right branding?) as a parting use of his Microsoft employee discount. Some notes:

  • The first run experience is surprisingly great. The app-based instructions worked well and it took around ten minutes total to get everything running.
  • The hardest part was putting in my CC information, which is wild because I think that would be perfect for offloading to a mobile device, which already has all of my payments information!
  • The form factor of the hardware is frankly really cute and nice. It looks drastically better than my previous console (a PlayStation 4).
  • The "you can download games from your phone" thing is great UX and also very clever at getting around any sort of iOS/Android revenue-sharing issues; you're not buying the games, you're merely preloading them!
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