King Kong

My first new cocktail as an unemployed layabout was this fun, tropical twist on an old-fashioned. My big regret was not having a bottle of the Tempus Fugit creme de banane — I don’t think I can get it in Virginia, and had to settle for the inferior Giffard’s — but I liked it a good deal as a banana & caramel forward sipper.

What brought this drink to new heights — or at least a different, more novel height — was making it as a scaffa (no ice, just a light stir in a snifter glass with an orange peel.) This was great! The room temperature brings out the sweetness of the rum a little bit more and diminishes the whiskey-forward base. This is a drink I see myself making and remaking as meaningfully different than the old fashioned (which feels… weird as a scaffa, as anything with a predominant syrup generally does.)

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