Keoke Coffee

When Morgenthaler posts a recipe, I have to try it: doubly so when its a coffee cocktail. (I was able to order the Sacred Bond from Virginia's state-owned liquor store, thank god, and used my San Francisco shipper for the Tempus Fugit.)

The first run was an abject failure for reasons orthogonal to the recipe itself: while I heated the glass, the base ingredients sans coffee were too chilled (or rather, too room-temperature) to properly keep the coffee afloat. (It was still tasty, but lacked the full-body warmth that a coffee drink ought to impart.)

The second run — having run the ingredients in the microwave for thirty seconds, like an animal — fared much better. Our go-to boozy coffee is just a slug of home-made Irish cream in a cup of coffee, but this was certainly a more interesting (and frankly, tastier) variation. I will absolutely make it again (and now I have a bottle of Tempus Fugit creme de cacao to use up).

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