June's goals

I set two streak goals in June:

  1. Close all of my rings. This one was uneventful and easy: I was already pretty good about it, and making a goal out of it made it even more so. 30 for 30, baby!
  2. Game for at least thirty minutes on something non-trivial 1. This one went...poorly. I got 20 days of out 30, having missed almost all of the penultimate week in June and a scattershot of days before then. The penultimate week was because of on-call, but really what bums me out is the scattershot weeks: I didn't make it enough of a discipline, and it just fell out of the world at the end of the night.

July's goals are going to be in a similar vein (one for health, one for mind): writing two hundred public 2 words every day and drinking less 3.


  1. "Non-trivial" is perhaps a bit idiosyncratic, and I mean it to exclude games that don't "complete" in a useful way (Rocket League, Basketball GM, etc. — the sort of empty calorie games that are more of a way for me to turn my brain off than to do anything useful with it.)

  2. Public meaning "published to the internet". Blog posts count; snippets count; documentation counts; internal memos do not count.

  3. Less meaning "zero drinks on weekdays, two drinks on weekends."

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