July's goals

I set two streak goals in July:

  1. Drinking less 1. This one fell a little short but was great overall. I had to tweak my definition of less; I'm not great at refusing a single beer in social situations (such as grabbing dinner with someone on a Thursday), but I ended up cutting my alcohol intake sincerely. This fell apart in the last week of the month because I was traveling, more or less on vacation, and drinking (not a huge amount — one to two drinks) every night. Still, good! I'd like to keep this up.
  2. Writing two hundred words every day. 2_. This one went...poorly. I didn't even count for the back half of the month, which is never a good sign. I think this is more of a meta thing: just like last month, I'm bad at these creative or output-focused tasks because they always seem to fall off of my todo list and so I only notice them at the end of the night as I'm wrapping things up.

August's goals (now that I'm exactly one day into the month) are going to be twofold:

  1. Clear out my inbox every morning before starting work. This is going to be a tough one, I'm not going to lie — I'm really bad at this historically. I also think if I get good at this it will be hugely beneficial to my mental state, which is why I'm excited about it.
  2. Write two hundred words every day. That's right, I'm back at this again — I am so disappointed with how last month went I want another crack at it (starting, of course, with this very post!) I'm going to keep myself a little more honest by keeping a log of what I've written.


  1. Less meaning "zero drinks on weekdays, two drinks on weekends."

  2. Public meaning "published to the internet". Blog posts count; snippets count; documentation counts; internal memos do not count.

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