Garbialdi Wallbanger

It's always odd when Halloween falls on a Monday; there's a bit of a sense of anticlimax, right, when you spend the entire weekend seeing folks cavort around in costumes and then the day finally arrives and so much of the energy is already spent.

Haley and I were mostly staying asocial and dry for Halloween — we hosted some friends for the weekend and were nursing our legs and our livers. But we wanted something vaguely spooky to sip on while greeting trick-or-treaters and I figured something with a campari base would at least look appropriate.

Enter the garibaldi wallbanger, which fit the bill aesthetically but was not particularly interesting on the palate. The orange juice seemed to wash out the bitter notes of the campari rather than emphasize them. I'd be interested in trying a version of this that used an orange simple and seltzer, perhaps, to cut it a little closer to a spritz. Certainly not a bad drink, but if I were to make it again I'd do so with the aim of experimentation rather than replication.

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