Devil's Milk Punch

A coworker published their list of recent cocktails on Notion, and it included this little gem. I had a bottle of Amaro Montenegro I was hoping to kill, and while I'm not a huge fan of milk punches in general this seemed up Haley & I's alley enough to go for a swing.

It's not a complex cocktail, but it is a tasty one. We were shocked at how reminiscent of straight-up nog the original recipe was: the amaro definitely does some work balancing out what would otherwise be a sweet, straightforward quaff, but it doesn't quite shine through (and the same can be said of the cold brew.) We tried a variant with two ounces of cold brew and were delighted with that — it felt much more of a unique drink, and something that could be used for early boozy brunches. (In fact, we're probably going to make a big batch of this later in December.)

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