Dawn of Hospitality

It was a long night filled with mortgage application shenanigans, and Haley and I thought it would be an expeditious opportunity to unwind with something new. We're also in a bottle-buying-freeze at the moment so we can wind down our existing cabinet in preparation for a cross-country trip, which has made trying new things a fun but somewhat challenging enterprise.

Enter the Dawn of Hospitality, which Frederic describes as a "tropical-inspired Sazerac" and struck us more as: well, we didn't know what to think of it before trying it, but a cocktailed version of a cold brew tonic came to mind. (Note: we used passionfruit syrup rather than pineapple, since we had some left over from Hurricane season.)

The result was...somewhat underwhelming, honestly, but certainly not bad. The fruity flavors mostly got washed out in the rye, and it ended up tasting more like a coffee-forward old fashioned with a little less bite than normal. I don't think we would make it again, but it did open me up to the possibility of using our espresso liqueur mostly as a wash for rye & whiskey.

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