Corpse Reviver

I'm not sure how, but I always manage to think of the Corpse Reviver #2 as something in the realm of tiki (I blame its lexical proximity to, like, the Zombie) when really it's closer to a gimlet or even a mimosa. And so I've gone a particularly long time without having made one, but we had a good amount of lemon juice left over without an easy method to preserve it. And thus — we made Corpse Revivers.

We built ours off of the traditional recipe calling for equal parts gin (Hendrick's, in our case), Lillet, Cointreau, and lemon juice. The one area where I diverged from the classic recipe was using an atomizer to dispense the absinthe rather than a rinse; I think it helps more with the aroma and is a more efficient use besides.

Overall — delicious and dangerous, and something that I would probably have not-so-fond memories if I had become better-acquainted with them in my early twenties when my palate was better-disposed to sweeter cocktails. If I were to make another round (and I will, I'm sure, though the weather here is rapidly turning autumnal) I'd cut the lemon juice to a half-ounce to let the gin shine a bit more strongly.

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