Bravely Default II notes

I am playing through Bravely Default II ↗ and enjoying it quite a bit more than some of the tepid reviews primed me! There are some rough edges — the loading time especially — but it is doing a lot of interesting JRPGs that I enjoy. Some of them that come to mind:

  1. The per-job ability sets are really, really good. I haven't hit the "synergy and combos break the game wide open" part of the game yet, but the amount of support abilities and interesting combinations feels really good.
  2. Accessories actually matter! Each has really interesting stat combos and it's not just a matter of "ok give the fighters defensive stuff and give the mages +MP stuff."
  3. Weight is a very cool system that forces you to think about things more than just "okay, what is Best In Slot for everyone?"

In general, it's a game that seems to give you a lot of interesting choices and I really, really like that.

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