Bella Luna

Two important facts:

  1. We're getting married in a scant four months at a venue whose name is "Bella Luna Farms";
  2. I managed to score a bottle of Fiorente, a sort of off-brand St. Germaine, for $12 thanks to ABC running a liquidation sale.

And so it was fate, when I wanted to break open the bottle with a test run for some sort of gin cocktail, that cocktail virgin/slut had a perfectly-named cocktail for the occasion.

The author's comparison to an Aviation is apt; with the barspoon of simple omitted, it's essentially an exercise in substituting maraschino for elderflower.

Thankfully, we like Aviations, though this does not help much the core problem (because we also tend to let our maraschino linger). A nice, springtime aperitif; probably not going into the rotation, but at the very least I know I can batch this for a soiree and not be disappointed.

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