I sifted through Cocktail Virgin tonight looking for a use of Licor 43 (which I had purchased, as I do with most of my dustier bottles, during the height of tiki season) and this looked interesting. It seemed like a one-two of interesting gimmicks: bitters-heavy (I remember enjoying an Angostura Sour a few years ago, though not enough to make one in the intervening period), whole egg to make it heavy.

This cocktail did not quite work for me, and I think it’s perhaps the confluence of those two gimmicks. It is certainly an interesting cocktail, and I think it could work a bit better if there was a bit more of a backbone to it: an overproof bourbon, say, or a rum/rye split or someething. But the presentation and finish are equal parts “huh, okay” — creamy, but without much of a flavor to make the creaminess & mouthfeel worthwhile. I’d rather go with something like a more traditional egg flip.

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